Nolte is constantly evolving and improving so customers can call truly perfect and creative kitchens their own. That applies to the design as well as to functionality. Good ideas are what set us apart. It was Konrad Nolte who introduced assembly line production to the furniture industry. An innovation we now take for granted. Working innovatively also means using state-of-the-art technology.

Nolte Kitchens

For over 50 years, Nolte Kitchen has been synonymous with high quality and meticulous craftsmanship made in Germany. With a kitchen that will give you lasting pleasure.

In the past, we have demonstrated our innovative capacity on many occasions: whether in the form of the ingeniously simple MATRIX 150 measurement system,  MATRIX Line 150, offering kitchens in a handle-less look without losing storage space or the latest MATRIX ART, the new handle-less kitchen with 25mm thick worktops underscores the lightness of the lines.

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Express Kitchens

Put an end to complicated kitchen planning and design. Our System 15 makes it easier than ever for you to acquire a new kitchen. Well-planned, safe and with perfect design freedom. All you need is a sheet of graph paper and a pencil. The heights of drawers, pull outs and units develop in increment of 15 cm. And for the widths, with additional in-between dimensions.

So just use a square to represent 15 x 15 cm. And lets get designing.