Nolte Kitchen and Nolte Furniture hold the FSC® label, awarded to products derived from environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world´s forests. Furthermore, both companies are certified by PEFC, another internationally recognised certification system for the promotion of sustainable forest management.

  • We do not use wood logged under conditions violating human rights.
  • We do not purchase wood from forest areas deserving special protection.
  • We do not use wood from natural forests that have been converted into plantations.
  • We do not process wood from gene manipulated cultivation.
  • We do not use wood from illegal logging.

As a family company, Nolte has always placed a priority on dependability towards our business partners and customers. Visible proof of this are our many certificates and approval marks. Independent test facilities continuously monitor our products with regard to their safety and demonstrate that the materials which we use are clearly below the limits that are required by law.

With this, we also fulfill the demand for a healthy living environment.

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